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Quad Stakk Liquid (S4+SR9009+Carda+Rad)

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Freedom Formulations is the brand new brand SuppsIT is proud to introduce and have managed to import directly from the USA. This is because Freedom Formulations is a brand that stands out for the certifications of raw materials made public and the exceptional stacks available, in capsules and in liquid form.
Products packaged for uncompromising results, with perfect combinations of molecules and dosages, for the absolute maximum in terms of effectiveness.
Quad Stakk is the anabolic preparation that acts markedly on body recomposition like no other product currently available.
The use of Quad Stakk reduces adipose tissue while accelerating the building of muscle mass, improving strength, endurance, performance, recovery, firmness and muscle division.
Quad Stakk allows you to maximize the anabolic process even in particularly restrictive diets, where it shines for the power on the elimination of difficult fat.
The use of Quad Stakk in addition to reducing recovery times, its mechanism of action is based on the regulation of fat burning through the absorption of glucose in the muscle / skeletal tissue and the increase in the expression of genes muscles, especially those involved in the use of lipids. Quad Stakk ensures an effective increase in muscle anabolism and effective regeneration of tissues and the nervous system, which are the basis for the intensive growth of muscle mass. Quad Stakk changes the body's energy metabolism, where it mainly carries fats instead of carbohydrates or proteins as an energy source.
Quad Stakk is based on four compounds: Andarina (S4), SR9009, Cardarine, and Rad140 in capsule form. The strong action allows for quick results.

Take 2 to 4 capsules per day according to the desired effect, away from main meals, for a period of 4 to 12 weeks maximum.
At the conclusion of the PCT cycle necessary.
Liver health products such as NAC, LiveR or Liv.52 are also useful. In addition to Arjuna, Karela, Coletix.

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Quad Stakk (S4+SR9009+Carda+Rad)

Freedom Formulations is the brand new brand SuppsIT is proud to introduce and have managed to import directly from the USA. This is...

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