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NeuroMorph - Next Generation Nootropic Mix
With the evolution of technology, we have come to live in an extremely stimulated world. From stimulants like copious amounts of coffee and energy drinks, to the increased stress related to the environment and the constant strain underlying our eyes with the multitude of displays and screens in this digital age, it's no wonder we all have a dealing with a lot of stress and often reduced energy and concentration. The result of this high stress and overstimulation is brain fog, consistently high cortisol levels, anxiety, and accelerated vision deterioration ... Not a favorable long term health situation.
While many have grown accustomed to taking highly stimulating products for a mental "boost" such as energy drinks loaded with 300mg or more of caffeine, this often causes more harm than good by further increasing cortisol, causing anxiety from too much caffeine and doing nothing to the brain.

NeuroMorph, the modern solution to this brain fog and stress.
NeuroMorph has been formulated using innovative and cutting-edge Nootropics for improved cognition, adaptogenic herbs to mitigate stress, antioxidant support for cellular health, and Marigold's patented Lutein to combat the long-term damage caused by today's digital devices. The naturally derived caffeine in NeuroMorph allows concentration and alertness equivalent to an average cup of coffee. The result is a nootropic formula that helps eliminate brain fog, increase concentration and creativity and feel a better sense of vitality through reduced perception of fatigue.

Take 1 serving (1 ‘small’ scoop) mixed with 8-12oz of cold water whenever you desire enhanced focus, stress mitigation or enhanced cognition. For extremely stressful situations or for further amplified mental focus and cognition, users may take 2 servings (1 ‘large’ scoop).          

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