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NZT Ultimate - Eugeroic King

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NZT Ultimate - Eugeroic King is the latest blend of nootropics by Core Labs, containing only the best ingredients that enhance memory, concentration, attention and influence psychophysical well-being without the use of CNS stimulants.
Now with CRL-40,940 (BisfluoroModafiny or FImodafinil) a Modafinil analog with high bioavailability.
In the multitude of daily issues and duties, each of us wants to do our job perfectly and quickly. In response to consumer demand, the manufacturer has created a high-end nootropic that, by concentrating the best and strongest ingredients, maximizes the ability to work, reason and learn. This formula perfected for 2021 will be the banner of the new "Stop Any Stimolants - Start Adrenal Recovery" campaign. With such an alternative what now seems impossible for most of today's world society will become possible!
You will see that it is possible to function at the highest energy level and with total mental focus in a productive and fully motivated way, without the help of stimulants.
It is recommended for anyone who wants to improve brain function, remembering a great deal of information and for people who need a mega dose of focus and energy.
Its use effectively increases the sense of motivation necessary to achieve the best results in sports, at university or at work. The combination of nootropics and adaptogens is perfect for carrying out difficult tasks that require maximum effort.
NZT Ultimate - Eugeroic King sharpens your senses to the max, allowing you to focus 100% on your activities.
It is recommended for all those who want to improve brain function, remember a lot of information and for people who need a mega dose of concentration and energy for the whole day. It enhances cognitive functions, concentration, and at the same time eliminates nervous tension and stress. The addition of adaptogens improves memory, concentration and also affects well-being during the day.

Take 1 to 2 caps a day.

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