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Brawn Nutrition's 6-Bromo, composed of Androstane-3.17 Dione is one of the most potent antiestrogenic compounds all available on the market. The enormous popularity of 6-Bromine is not surprising given its ability to significantly increase natural Testosterone levels while also normalizing Estrogen levels.
By reducing the conversion of Testosterone to Estrogen, 6-Bromine can be useful for example during PCT or as an effective Testobooster.
6-Bromo is recommended when using aromatizable Prohormones (PH) to significantly reduce the possibility of side effects related to high Estrogen levels.
6-Bromo as an anti-estrogenic, combines with the Aromatase enzyme, remaining with it until its biological degradation. Thanks to this process, it prevents the conversion of Testosterone into Estrogen by reducing the amount of stored body fat, water retention, preventing acne, gynecomastia and contributing to the increase of muscle mass, strength and libido thanks to the increase of Free testosterone.
6-Bromo is a breakthrough in the field of anti-estrogen supplementation for its properties in increasing exercise capacity, strength, endurance and in improving body composition. Systematic use of the product introduces the body to a high anabolic state, hitherto available with illegal doping substances.

As Testostobooster: take 1 capsule after breakfast and 1 before bedtime
As a PCT: take 1 capsule after breakfast, 2 capsules before bedtime. Do not exceed 8 weeks of use.

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