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BPC-157 is a protein sequence found in the human stomach that is released from the body's gastric juices to help the body activate our natural healing processes. To date, all studies of BPC 157 have demonstrated consistently positive and rapid healing effects for various types of trauma, both chronic and systemic and soft tissue injuries.
Brawn Nutrition BPC-157 has among the highest peptide dosages on the market. It plays a key role in the health of our joints and beyond. Currently, this compound is considered the most effective in terms of regeneration and repair of damaged tissues.
BPC-157 is by far the most revolutionary supplement in recent years to support not only the joints, but the entire musculoskeletal system, tissue health and many other aspects. It works perfectly even in case of very serious injuries and allows you to regain full physical shape in the shortest possible time.
Although BPC-157 has not been officially used in the medical industry, thanks to an impressive amount of research, it has become the most sought after dietary supplement even by professional athletes.
The mechanism of action of BPC-157 is largely related to collagen, but it has nothing to do with what we can provide in the form of supplements. The endogenous collagen produced in our body is very valuable. The mechanism of formation is closely related to the increased synthesis of osteoblasts under the influence of BPC. Studies have also shown faster healing of skin wounds, regeneration after fractures, and a beneficial effect on digestive health.
BPC-157 also provides a number of benefits in the treatment of gastric ulcers, inflammation and accelerated healing of bones and joints.
BPC-157 increases the expression of genes responsible for cytokines, collagen formation and the production of growth factors. It affects the regeneration of the intestine, which is extremely useful during intestinal inflammation. The preparation markedly accelerates the recovery and regeneration process, contributes to the building of muscle mass and helps reduce the level of adipose tissue. It also increases the oxidation of fatty acids on the abdomen and increases the expression of genes involved in fat catabolism.

Take 1 per day.
It is recommended to use it from 1 to 3 months according to needs.

Gionata T 01/09/2022

subito efficace

gia dopo solo 5 giorni si sente la differenza il dolore articolare molto diminuito e anche il recupero post allenamento è molto migliorato , prodotto consigliato

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