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IGF-1 Extreme

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Anabolic innovation strikes again!
With IGF-1 Extreme, Swiss Pharmaceuticals introduces probably the most powerful and orally bioavailable IGF-1!
Being a highly anabolic peptide for muscle building, normally it must be injected in order to take it, but with IGF-1 Extreme it is now finally available in capsules that can be consumed orally.
IGF-1 Extreme not only helps to increase the size of existing muscle mass, but also helps to increase the real number of cells in the muscle tissue, which means that it helps to increase the density and size of the muscles, taking the user further its genetic potential.
With the successful extraction of type 1 insulin-like growth factor from whey protein, IGF-1 Extreme is a revolutionary discovery in the field of supplementation for all athletes.

The production of IGF-1 (insulin-like growth factor 1) in the body is stimulated by human growth hormone (HGH, which is its metabolite / precursor, and is converted in the liver to IGF-1). In particular, IGF-1 has very strong anabolic effects and stimulates the metabolism of amino acids in the body: by increasing protein synthesis, it increases the synthesis of RNA, supports the metabolism of fats and the transport of glucose and reduces the degradation of proteins.
Thanks to its high anabolic properties, IGF-1 has deservedly and rightly gained great popularity, especially among bodybuilders and athletes, as an effective means of stimulating the growth of mass, strength and the conversion of fats into energy.
IGF-1 is made up of 83 amino acids, and is essentially the most powerful anabolic hormone in the body.
The number of muscle cells in the human body stabilizes after reaching puberty, no longer increasing. With conventional supplements and exercise, only the effects of hypertrophy can be obtained, i.e. the increase in the size of these existing muscle cells, but the number of muscle cells remains unchanged, no longer increases during life. However, using IGF-1 Extreme (together with exercise and proper nutrition) it is possible to cause the so-called hyperplasia of muscle cells, i.e. the real growth of new muscle cells and a real increase in their number in muscle tissues.

IGF-1 (Insulin Growth Factor-1) (from NPX-GF Whey Protein Isolate)
IGF-1 helps make an athlete bigger, faster and stronger. Increase muscle mass, reduce fat and improve endurance. As mentioned, the most important factor to consider is the ability of IGF-1 to achieve hyperplasia. When you use products that improve performance, they help the body through hypertrophy, increasing the size of existing muscle cells.
IGF-1 will instead cause hyperplasia, the increase in the number of cells in muscle tissue. These new cells can be used through further training to make the muscles bigger.
Basically you will have the ability to obtain more muscle density and dimensions at the genetic level by using IGF-1.

Take 1 capsule with 250ml water daily 2 times a day with regular spacing. The maximum daily dose is 3 capsules only for experienced users.

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