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Methyl Mass (EPI+TREN+M1T+Mdrol+MK)

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Ex4Ex, a satellite brand among many of the Core Labs and Revange group, has just released the most extreme and super-complete of PH stacks, with all the best and most potent ingredients, with its brand new Methyl Mass. Advanced stack that speeds up construction of muscle mass containing a formulation composed of PH, aromatase inhibitors, powerful anabolics that accelerate the building of powerful muscle mass. The supplement should be taken together with a balanced diet and regular physical exercise, thanks to which the full power of the product will be exploited.

Methyl Mass stimulates the production of Testosterone in the body and reduces the Estrogen level, supporting the hormonal balance of men. The one-of-a-kind preparation for building muscle mass is intended for very advanced users, with some preparation and competence.

Methyl Mass allows you to obtain significant muscle gains, excellent resistance and double the amount of Testosterone, which result in a very marked increase in muscle mass. The product is one of the most effective agents on the market, with anabolic properties focused on the development of strength and muscles in the shortest possible time. It also contains ingredients that protect the liver, neutralize the effects of harmful metabolites and improve the absorption of the complex itself.

Take from1 to 3 capsules a day.
It is essential to have a correct PCT after the cycle with this product to avoid any sides.
Support during use equally recommended with items such as LiveR or Liv.52.
Recommended products such as Arjuna, Karela, Coletix for health.

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