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Osta Shred (Osta+Carda)

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Freedom Formulations is the new brand that SuppsIT is proud to present and has managed to import directly from the USA. This is because Freedom Formulations is a brand that stands out for the certifications of the raw materials made public and the exceptional stacks and high dosage products available, ideal for longer or more intense cycles, both in capsules and in liquid form.
Osta Shred is composed of 2 selective androgen receptor modulators also known as SARMs.

- Ostarine which aims to increase the growth of muscle mass. It also prevents the loss of previously developed muscle mass and improves strength. The mechanism of action of Ostarine is multidirectional and the molecule can be used not only to build muscle mass. Athletes use Ostarine for post-workout regeneration to take care of their joints and muscle tissue. It also affects the loss of adipose tissue and the increase in vascularity. MK 2866 is a powerful and functional compound that allows you to build muscle and burn body fat at the same time. In recent years it has become one of the most popular selective androgen receptor modulators with the most uses and research ever.
Excellent to combine with Cardarine (GW50516) for any cutting or recomp cycle.

- Cardarine (GW501516) initially used for the purpose of reducing cholesterol, studies subsequently demonstrated its power in increasing the metabolism of fatty acids.
The use of Cardarine guarantees many benefits. Particularly useful during the reduction of adipose tissue without necessarily intense activity. Cardarina has the exceptional characteristic of counteracting catabolism, unlike other stimulating slimming supplements that they can often incur.
Thanks to the greater resistance that Cardarine gives, it will be easier to burn more calories, accelerating the metabolism, moving the energy metabolism towards the use of adipose tissue for energy production. During a considerable calorie deficit you can often be exposed to muscle mass loss, Cardarine instead allows you to maintain muscle mass during a diet. The activation of PPAR-delta stimulates the development of muscle fibers and at the same time increases the loss of adipose tissue.
Cardarina is one of the most effective products that affect endurance, very popular with sports athletes who need it. It affects fitness as well as correcting fat metabolism. GW501516 affects the increase in nitric oxide concentration, increasing vascularization and muscle pump. The increase in vascularity further allows for long and intense workouts. GW 501516 is an exceptional product for increasing endurance whether you are talking about sports, gym or intense training and cardio training. When used while dieting, it will maximize gym work to burn more calories while maintaining muscle mass. Activation of PPAR-delta plays a role in muscle building, improves the vascular system, speeds up metabolism and reduces inflammation.

Take 2 to 3 separate capsules per day, one of which preferably before training. For women recommended 1 to 2 capsules before training.
At the conclusion of the cycle, PCT is always recommended for men.
Also useful products such as LiveR, LiveR PRO or Liv.52, Liv52DS, as well as Arjuna or Abana, Karela, Coletix.

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